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WordPress is an ‘open source’ product which means the code for the software can be developed and improved by a large community. The size of the WordPress community and all the supporting software such as third-party plugins and themes make WordPress a great option to engage in cost and time-efficient builds. With WordPress websites, you aren’t locked in to any one website hosting provider - though we can help you with hosting through our partner Hosting Harbour - as the websites are simple to migrate.

You can! We develop WordPress sites with software that allows you to log in and make changes directly on the page you want to edit. This is great because there is no coding, and no complex back end dashboard to wrap your head around.

We find that some of our clients like to get on and edit text, add images & videos. So the way we build WordPress websites is done in a way that it is simple to make changes and easy to learn for the less technological minds.

When it comes to creating WordPress websites for businesses in Tauranga and across New Zealand, we take on the project with a can-do attitude. We’ll start with a website design meeting where we will learn about your goals and requirements for the website. This allows us to provide a proposal and quote so you know what the investment will be.

The costs will vary greatly between projects. There are many ways to start a build. We can find a great template (many WordPress websites are built by starting with a template) and build upon that, or we can start from scratch with a custom solution. It all comes down to what is required to meet your end goals and functionality from the website. Most WordPress websites we build range from $3,500 – $10,000 in cost.

There are many factors that influence costs. This can be things like themes, plugins for certain integrations and functions, or any custom code required to fulfil your requirements. We try to offer multiple options where possible as there are many ways to accomplish one task. Get in touch today to kick off your online journey!

WordPress.com and WordPress.org represent two distinct platforms with different levels of flexibility and control. Here’s an explanation of the differences between the two:

WordPress.com: WordPress.com is a hosting platform that offers a simplified and managed environment for creating and hosting websites. It takes care of the technical aspects, such as server management, security updates, and backups, allowing developers to focus on content creation and customization. Some key points to consider:

Limited Control: On WordPress.com, you have limited control over the underlying infrastructure and server settings. You cannot install custom plugins or themes unless you have a Business plan or higher.

Plugin and Theme Limitations: Only selected plugins and themes are available for use on WordPress.com. You can’t upload or use custom themes or plugins, restricting the level of customization you can achieve.

Monetization Restrictions: WordPress.com has specific limitations on monetization, such as restrictions on displaying ads unless you’re using their WordAds program or have a high-traffic website.

No Server Management: With WordPress.com, you don’t have to worry about server management, software updates, or security configurations. These aspects are taken care of by the platform itself.

WordPress.org: WordPress.org provides the open-source software that you can download and install on your own web hosting server. It offers complete freedom and flexibility to developers, allowing them to fully customize their websites. Key points to note:

Full Control: With WordPress.org, you have complete control over your website. You can modify the code, install custom themes and plugins, and customize every aspect of your site as needed.

Unlimited Themes and Plugins: Unlike WordPress.com, WordPress.org allows you to install any theme or plugin available in the vast WordPress ecosystem. This enables developers to build highly customized websites and extend functionality as required.

Custom Server Environment: You are responsible for setting up and managing your own web hosting environment, including server configuration, security measures, and backups. This level of control can be beneficial for advanced developers who want to optimize performance or work with specific server setups.

Monetization Flexibility: With WordPress.org, you have the freedom to monetize your website in any way you choose, such as displaying ads, selling products, or offering subscription-based services.

In summary, WordPress.com provides a managed and streamlined environment, ideal for beginners or users who prioritize ease of use and don’t require extensive customization. On the other hand, WordPress.org offers complete control and flexibility, making it the preferred choice for developers who want to build highly customized websites and have full ownership of their web hosting environment.

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Absolutely! We specialize in performance optimization, ensuring your WordPress site loads quickly and runs smoothly, providing an excellent user experience for your visitors.
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